Blepharospasm / Eyelid Twitching Treatment

Blepharospasm is easy and quick to heal. With one Botox application, the twitching will vanish around 6 months. After 6 months the treatment has to be repeated to for best results.

• Free Transportations from Hotel to the Clinic
• Best brands (Allegan or Dysport) are used
• Highly experienced, utilized and dedicated team.

Price: $200

Click for details about Blepharospasm.

Mattias Damian

Wow, this looks good. Very good price. I have a twitching problem. Will be in Istanbul next month. Where is your place? Can you pick me up from the airport and leave me to the hotel afterwards?

Dear Mattias,
Our place is in Şişli. We can pick you up from the airport and can leave you to your hotel. Of course, as long as your hotel is in the city area.
We will contact you for time details and your condition.
Kind regards,

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