Hair Transplant FUE Method

• Life Long Guarantee Certificate for the Transplanted Hair
• As much Grafts as possible are Transplanted
• Micro Needles are used
• FREE PRP application with Protein and Stem Cells (normal price is 350$)
• Free Transportations between Airport, Hotel and Clinic
• 2 Nights of Accommodation in a 4 Star Hotel in the City Center
• Highly experienced, utilized and dedicated team operating 4-5 transplantations every day and has done more than 30.000 successful transplants.

Price: $1700

Click for details about Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

Have discount?

Dear Aamir,
We do discounts on different occasions. If you are our previous patient or come with a group, you may have some discounts.
We will be contacting you about the details of your condition and advise if we can offer you a discount.
Kind regards,

Contact me for reservation please

Thank you Mr. Aren, we will be contacting you soon via e-mail.
Kind regards,

niteche faruz

woaww great offer great job! Bravo

Thank you dear Faruz,
We would be happy to help you if you need any assistance.
Kind regards,

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