MedicTurkey is formed to provide the best medical support to those who are not satisfied with the quality of the treatments, waiting times, and prices of their home countries. In the last 2 decades, Turkey has taken huge steps in becoming the top medical destination. It has renewed and constructed new facilities full of highest tech devices. Also the level of knowledge and experience of the medical staff increased exponentially, while shaping the future of the worldwide medical care. These led Turkey to end up with the most number of JCI accredited hospitals and the highest standards of medical care.

As forming a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has a very important strategical location, while having direct flights to all around the world.

MedicTurkey consists of a dynamic, young team being there for you throughout your medical journey. Our team, located in Istanbul, are gathered from different areas of the Turkish medical sectors. With our long-term experiences, we know that, the medical staff and the devices used have the highest importance in achieving the best quality of treatment. Therefore, we know the best doctors who have access to the best devices and who get the best results from the treatments. Meanwhile, we of course consider the price-quality parity. We know you wouldn’t want to pay unnecessary loans just for polished leather seats.

Thus, we aim to work with specific doctors rather than specific clinics and provide you best treatments with best prices in a safe and comfortable environment.