Botox Derma-Filler

• Facial Botox and Derma-Filler application
• Best Brands are used
• As much Botox as required is used
• 1 injection (1ml) of Derma Filler is used
• Free Transportations from Hotel to the Clinic
• Highly experienced and talented Doctors with very good results

Price: €299

Brands used: Allergan or Dysport for botox. Juvederm or Teosyal for derma fillers.

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Hi I'm looking for a price on 14ml of filler and full face botox with massater botox

Dear Alex,

We have tried to contact you via E-mail but we believe the address you have written was incorrect.

Here is our reply without the prices:

I think you have seen our package details on the link below.

Our prices of fillers differ between ***tl. We use the best fillers Juvederm or Teosyal. And full face botox is normally ***tl. Your full face botox and 1ml filler will be included in the package. For the rest of the fillers if you want we can use cheaper fillers with around ***tl prices. ***tl is around ***€ at the moment. Masseter botox is ***tl but we will ask you to stay here in Turkey around 10 days after the application because in masseter botox, botox is applied to 3 different muscles and sometimes they don’t loosen the same way and you may have discomfort in chewing. In follow-up session we correct that. After all botox applications we always want to do follow-up sessions normally, but for the patients who come from abroad and have few days in Istanbul, we try to do the botox in a way that the patient wouldn't need a follow up.
We can do the control sessions of fillers the following days, if needed of course.

By the way, if you are going to have many ml's of fillers, I am sure doctor would give you discount.

Kind regards,

I’m looking to do Botox on my forehead and cheeks. How much can it be please

Dear Peggy,

This is considered as full face botox.
If you just wanted forehead area, that is considered as half face but the price is close to full face.
Generally botox is applied on those areas mostly, thats why..
I will get back to you soon with the botox prices.

Kind regards,

All inclusive, Botox derma filler package price please, looking to arrive in Turkey end of April. Regards S Keen.

Dear Susan,

We have a discount at the moment. But it may go higher soon. I can not give you a price for the time you will be traveling.
Please contact us before you travel again.

Kind regards

Jayne Frangopulo

Please can you tell me if you do a full face contour and if so how much will this be Botox and filler and do you have a clinic in kusadasi as I will be arriving in February thank you Jayne

Dear Jayne,

At the moment we are not working with any clinic in Kusadasi. If you are going to stop by Istanbul we will be happy to help.
We will also try to manage a contract with a clinic in Kusadasi.

Kind regards,

Hi just wanted to knw how much do u charge for under eye filler nd Botox on forehead

Dear Hania,

We will soon get back to you via e-mail with the price of botox and dermafiller on the areas you want.

Kind regards,

Hey! I will be traveling to istanbul in january, and im thinking about getting my jawline filled, and my lips.. How much for jawline and lips filler?

Dear Vilde,

Thank you for contacting medicTurkey.
We will soon give you details about our prices via email.

Kind regards,

How much is fillers in your jaw, cheek and nose.

Dear Nicola,

We will soon get back to you with the prices of the Jaw, cheek and nose derma fillers.

Kind regards,

Dermal filler

hello there,
Could I have price for dermal filler ml.. ? am looking to do jaw line and cheek and chin


We will soon contact you with the prices of the areas you are asking for.

Kind regards,


Hello, I am very interested in this package for jawline fillers. Where can I book the appointment ? Can I get more details please ?

Hello Jasmine,

We will contact you about the price and details of jawline fillers.

Kind regards,

Please give prices for fillers in lira, as we are traveling to Turkey and want to get them. I am doing face fat for temples, cheeks and chin. But I want fillers for eyebrow bone, nasalfolds maybe and neck lines...

Dear Mahjabin,

We will be contacting you soon about the prices.

Kind regards,

Hi I am only looking for one area Botox and three areas fillers. Do you do a package for this and how much please?

Dear Tammy,
We do not have a package for this. Which areas do you want the filler?
I can give you an estimated price but doctor will tell the exact price before the application according to your expectations and her thoughts.
We will soon contact you about details.
Kind regards,

I am interested in face lifting botox, skin whitening and scars removal

Dear Aisha,

Thank you for contacting medicTurkey. We will soon contact you via E-mail and give you details for the treatments you are interested.

Kind regards,

Hi. I am very interested in this treatment. Could you tell me if it is performed by Doctors and what is their qualification? Thank you.

Dear Dianne,
Our doctor is doing botox and filler applications since the year 2000. We will give you the details via e-mail.
Kind regards,

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