Eye ReLEx SMILE Surgery Package

  • ReLEx SMILE Surgery for Both Eyes including everything
  • 10 years of Guarantee for the Surgery
  • 2 Nights of Hotel stay in the City Center
  • Free Transportations between the Airport-Hotel-Hospital
  • Experienced Team and High Tech Facilities
  • English speaking Translator throughout the Treatment
  • Post Medications

Price: €1990

Click for details about ReLEx SMILE Surgery

Note: Both eyes may require different operations. Packages maybe combined together.

Hi. How I know wich will he the most appropriate laser eye surgery for me and do I get my eyes checked before travelling. How are the follow up checks done when travelling from abroad and if a corrective surgery is needed who covers the cost for it and the travel too?

Dear Delyan,

We can understand which surgery is best for you after we do all the tests. If a patient is traveling just for the eye surgery, we recommend them to see an eye doctor before they travel, because there is a chance that your eyes may be unsuitable for laser surgery.

About the follow up checks, few days after the operation, dr checks your eyes and makes sure that everything is fine. You get the eye drops and keep using them until the day advised by dr. When you go back home, we keep in touch. You may ask us any questions and we will guide you through. Most of the patients don't need assistance because after these operation healing goes easily. But of course every surgery has risks. Hopefully everything would be fine:). But if anything goes wrong on our behalf, then we will do what is required to correct it. But we don't cover the travel costs.

Kind regards,


in which centers this procedure can be done in turkey

Dear Kaveh,

We will get back to you with the information of the hospitals we are in cooperation with, at the moment.

Kind regards,

I would like to enquire about the cost of Relex SMILE laser eye surgery. What packages do you offer and what conditions do I need to meet, such as having a stable contact lens prescription etc?

Dear Ryan,

The package details and price of the Relex Smile surgery is as seen above.
First of all, did you have your eyes examined in your hometown? It is important because some eyes are not good for the surgery. If you are traveling to Turkey just for the surgery, we don't want you to go back empty handed. But if you are already traveling to Turkey, we can take care of everything here.
3-4 days of stay in Turkey will be enough. First day is initial control, tests and getting ready for the surgery. Second day is the surgery and third day is post-surgery control. Surgery takes around 30 min under local anesthesia where you feel nothing and right after the surgery you will start seeing with a little blurriness, which will pass away in few days.
Other laser surgery prices are as follows:
Lasek PRK Wavefront Packages: https://medicturkey.com/turkey/lasek-prk-wavefront-package-turkey/
Lasik Package: https://medicturkey.com/turkey/lasik-surgery-package-turkey/
IntraLase lasik (it is the computer aided knifeless method): https://medicturkey.com/turkey/intralase-intralasik-surgery-turkey/
Examinations and eye doctor consultation: .... (If surgery is performed this price won’t be charged.)(We will be sending you the prices over the e-mail)

The initial and post surgery consultations, eye examinations, transportations between airport-hotel-hospital, 2 nights of hotel stay, and post medications are included in the prices.
If you are wearing soft contact lenses be sure to remove them at least 1 week prior to your appointment. Hard contacts should be removed 3 weeks prior.
Is the time of your travel set? We would be happy to arrange your consultation times accordingly.

Kind regards,

Hi, I was searching the eye laser operations and came across your page. This relex smile really looks good. What should I do now to come and get this operation. I can send my medical reports. I was said that I am a good candidate for laser surgery in Oslo. My friend had surgery in Turkey and was very happy with the city and treatment so I also want to do the same. This package looks good. Please contact me for more. Bye

Dear Abbie,
Thank you for contacting medicTurkey.
First of all, you have to know that different eyes may be suitable for different types of laser surgeries. For example, you can travel to Turkey for relex but have lasik, or the opposite. Doctor will advise on the best operation type for your case.
About the travel; you can decide on the time of your travel and get our confirmation for reservation. Then buy the tickets and travel. We will welcome you at the airport, and guide you through on the rest of your stay.
We will contact you about the details soon.
Kind regards,

How are we going to make a reservation for Relex Smile surgery?

Dear Saleh,
You decide on the time of your travel and before you buy your tickets, you ask us if the date is available. If we say they are, you can buy the tickets. After that when you arrive in Turkey, we pick you up from the airport and we will be guiding you for the rest.
Did you have eye doctor consultation in your home country. If you are just traveling for this operation, we advise you to see a doctor before your travel because some eyes may be unsuitable for the surgery.
Kind regards,

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