About Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the cosmetic surgery for women who have had a part of or the entire breast removed. The surgery rebuilds a breast, which is matching in size and shape with the other breast. The breast nipple and areola (darker area around the nipple) can also be added. Most women who have had mastectomy are able to have a breast reconstruction surgery. Women who have had a part of the breast around the cancer removed (lumpectomy or breast conserving surgery) generally do not need to have a breast reconstruction surgery done but in some situations they can do. There are 2 main ways to have breast reconstruction surgery. Patients can either choose to have a breast implant or use patients own tissue flap (tissue flap is a section of skin, fat and muscle removed from another part of the body) or a combination of both. Breast reconstruction is usually done using general anesthesia so patients are put to sleep not to feel any pain.

When Breast Reconstruction is Performed

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done in 2 ways; immediate reconstruction (reconstruction surgery same time as breast cancer surgery is done) or delayed reconstruction (reconstruction surgery is done later when wanted).

Suitable Patients for Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction surgery can be done for most women who have had a part of or the entire breast removed even if they have had

• Radical mastectomy

• Radiotherapy

• Large breasts

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done for women at any age as long as they are healthy. Reconstruction surgery can be slightly difficult for patients, who smoke, are overweight and have different illnesses (discuss with your doctor).

Before Breast Reconstruction

• Patients must quit smoking 3 months before surgery – smoking patients are likely to get a chest infection after anesthetic. Smoking also will affect the blood supply in the body and eventually delay healing. If surgery is done with using patients own body tissue, then there is a higher risk of complications to occur and surgery can fail because of a poor blood supply.

• Stop any medication or herbal supplements, vitamins for a period of time before surgery

• Keep a healthy diet

After Breast Reconstruction

• Patients must take mediation prescribed correctly and on time

• There may be drains in place once discharged from the hospital

• Compression garment must be worn

• Sexual activity must be avoided for 6 weeks after the surgery

Risks of Breast Reconstruction

With every surgery of course there are some risks with reconstruction surgery such as

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling and pain
  • Necrosis (part or the entire flap, skin or fat tissue death)
  • Loss/change of breast and nipple sensation
  • Complications with anesthesia


General anesthesia – variety of medications given to ensure unconsciousness, loss of control of reflexes. The patient is put to sleep to not feel any pain or discomfort.

First day of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The patients will attend a consultation with the surgeon and will be advised about the procedure and their condition. The patient will then be taken through a couple of tests that are required before the surgery. If desired, patients can spend the day to rest and attend the hospital the next day.

Second day of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery will be performed. The surgery will be performed using general or local anesthesia depending on the type of surgery. The surgery will take around 3 hours to perform depending on the extent of surgery. Once the surgery is over the patient will be taken to a private room where they will be staying when in hospital for resting. The patient will stay in hospital at the night of the day of surgery.

Third day of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The surgeon will perform a check up and if the patient is approved to be in a good, healthy condition and the surgery results are all successful; the patients are advised with post treatment care requirements and are ready to be discharged from hospital to their settlements.

Fourth day of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Patients will attend a post surgery for a final check up and consultation. The stitches will be removed and dressings will be changed. The patient will be advised on further medication. If everything is right then the patient is ready to return to their destination.


• Trip schedule may vary. medicTurkey patient relations will provide you a detailed trip schedule before the travel.

• For details on accommodation, transportation and other services, please check the SERVICES page.

How long does the Breast Reconstruction surgery take?

The surgery generally takes 3 hours

How long do I need to stay at hospital?

The recommended stay in hospital for patients is a day including the day of the surgery.

How long do I need to stay in Turkey?

The recommended stay in Turkey for Breast Reconstruction is 4 days including consultation before the surgery and after the surgery.

What is the difference between immediate and delayed Breast Reconstruction?

Immediate reconstruction is done at the same time as breast cancer surgery. Delayed reconstruction is done at a later time when wanted.

Who can have Breast Reconstruction surgery?

Most women can have breast reconstruction. There are a variety of reconstructive options so your plastic surgeon will discuss and advise which type of breast reconstruction is suitable for your position.

When can I return to work?

Most women take 4 weeks of work after the surgery. The period needed of work can be advised by your plastic surgeon depending on the extent of surgery and recovering speed.

Are there any risks of Breast Reconstruction?

Just like every other surgery breast reconstruction has some risks like infection, bleeding, swelling, pain, necrosis (part or the entire flap, skin or fat tissue death), loss/change of breast and nipple sensation, complications with anesthesia.

What can I do to reduce swelling?

After surgery to reduce swelling patients must keep hydrated so drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet low in sodium, get plenty of rest, avoid medication which can exacerbate swelling – ask your plastic surgeon for medication which is suitable to take.

Devices used in Breast Reconstruction

There are no special technical devices used in a breast reconstruction surgery.

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