Eye IntraLase Surgery

  • Intra-Lase Surgery for Both Eyes including everything
  • 10 years of Guarantee for the Surgery
  • 2 Nights stay in 4-5 Star Hotel in the City Center
  • Free Transportations from the Airport-Hotel-Hospital
  • Experienced Team and High Tech Facilities
  • English speaking Translator throughout the Treatment
  • Post Medications

Price: $1600

Click for details about IntraLasik Surgery

Note: Both eyes may require different operations. Packages maybe combined together.

Hello, please concact me about the intralase surgery

Hello Jane,
We will be contacting you soon.
Kind regards,

Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to have intra-lasik surgery. I had an appointment in LA and I have my reports. I will be traveling to Turkey next week. Can I have an appointment on Wednesday and finish out everything through out the week?

Dear Mike,
We can arrange your appointment for next week. We will be contacting you via e-mail about the procedure and other details.
Kind regards,

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